Suffolk Yacht Harbour (SYH) has announced it has teamed with The Green Blue, the joint environmental awareness programme between the Royal Yachting Association and British Marine. SYH is working with The Green Blue to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our shared marine environment.

Jonathan Dyke, SYH Managing Director, commented, “As a team of passionate boat owners, we are committed to lowering SYH’s carbon footprint and the impact on the local marine environment.  The partnership with The Green Blue is a valuable resource to help support our environmental policy and the improvements we make onsite.”

Investments into sustainability projects at SYH include a Seabin, recycling facilities, electric vehicle (EV) charging, a partnership with Suffolk Wildlife Trust, and a recently installed pump out facility.

Above: the new pump out facility at SYH

Kate Fortnum, Campaign Manager at The Green Blue, said, “We have been impressed by the efforts SYH is making to help lessen its impact on the local marine environment and in raising local awareness.  By making small changes to the way we undertake our boating activities, we can collectively make a big difference to help safeguard our local waters, wildlife and habitats that we rely on for our wellbeing and enjoyment.”

The Green Blue website has a wide range of sustainable boating information, tips, and resources. If you are planning to get out on the water or you are beginning maintenance on your boat, it is well worth checking out the advice available.

The website also has a range of information, from boating safely around wildlife, to anchoring with care, and water pollution, to cleaning onboard and oil and fuel use.

To keep young sailors entertained and informed, The Green Blue also has Educational Activities for various ages. Whether you are out on the water or spending time onshore, the activities will help inform young boaters on key environmental issues and the best practice they can adopt when sailing.

You can also sign up to The Green Blue newsletter on their website to learn more about sustainable recreational boating and receive regular updates.