SYH & the environment

As a marina operator and regatta organiser, we take our responsibility to the local eco-system seriously.

SYH’s environmental policy

In the marina, we abide by The Green Blue code to ensure a balance between wildlife, safety and convenience for boat owners.

Throughout the marina we have eight recycling and disposal areas. Anything that is not recycled is compressed in our own compactor and leaves the site for disposal, thus minimising land fill.

We recently installed a Seabin at the east end of the harbour, which sucks in water, passes it through a ‘catch bag’ and then pumps it back into the marina leaving litter and debris trapped in the catch bag. The marina is relatively free of man-made waste, so the Seabin will help collect any rubbish or debris that makes its way in from the river and beyond.

With an increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles on our roads, SYH has installed two
new car charging points. A double EV (electric vehicle) charging point is located at the far end of the reception/chandlery building and are available for marina visitors and berth holders.

 Working in partnership with Suffolk Wildlife Trust, we also have various initiatives to maintain the surrounding wetlands, creeks and grasslands, which are home to bird species and other animals.

Our winter dredging is subject to rigorous licensing requirements to ensure nearby wildlife are protected as much as possible. The mud from the river bed is full of nutrients, so it is deposited on the foreshore of nearby creeks to recharge the beds and help support natural habitats.

 We have an ongoing environmental policy that ensures we continue to improve our carbon impact and ensures we help maintain our local surroundings.  There is always more that can be done, but at SYH we endeavour to adapt and embrace new technologies that allow us to continually develop our environmental programme.


A one stop shop

From repairs to regattas, chandleries and berthing, SYH is a thriving hub of marine activity.  With modern workshops and a suite of lifting and launching capabilities, SYH’s experienced in-house team is able to offer an array of services.  Marina users also have access to SYH’s 11 onsite businesses from sail making to rigging, electronic, stainless steel fabrication and sailing schools.

Health & Safety

Every year, SYH receives over 3,000 local and visiting boats so it is important that marina users keep up to date with the latest health and safety announcements.

Summer 2019: SYH has several hoses that provide fresh water on the pontoons throughout the marina.  To comply with industry-wide regulations, these hoses must be fitted with self-closing triggers.

Please do not remove the triggers from the hoses, make sure you coil up a hose after use and check they are not submerged in the water. If triggers are removed and/or the hoses are left submerged, SYH’s ability to provide a pontoon water supply may become jeopardised.

Best practice

Please be mindful of the following when using the marina and whilst out and about on boats:

No Littering

Don’t put any litter into the sea, keep it on board and dispose of it ashore.

Refill & Reuse

Use refillable water bottles and reusable shopping bags when provisioning

Speed Limit

Keep to speed limits to avoid damage to the banks of rivers and vulnerable habitats


Take care not to spill diesel into the water when refuelling

Check old products

Microbeads in cosmetics and cleaning products are now banned, but check your old products don’t contain these plastic particles as they poison marine life


The marina has three state-of-the-art shower facilities, which are free for berth holders an visitors.  One is located opposite the lightship, one at the east end of the harbour, and one at the west end of the harbour. Contact the chandlery or berthing office for the access code.



On vessels without a holding tank, avoid the use of toilets in poor tidal flushing areas (e.g. estuaries, inland waterways and crowded anchorages)

Suffolk Yacht Harbour

Ipswich, Suffolk
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