Boat Movements

Lifting, launching, cranage & transportation

With hoists able to lift up to 75tonnes, Suffolk Yacht Harbour offers the largest boat lifting and launching facilities between Bridlington in Yorkshire and the Solent on the south coast.

Boat Movements

SYH’s boatyard team lifts out and re-launches approximately 1,500 vessels each year for annual maintenance and has a range of equipment to make efficient use of time and hard standing space.
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Hoists & Cranes

SYH has a selection of boat hoists and cranes available to lift vessels up to 75tonnes measuring 80ft overall (25 metres) length and a beam of up to 20ft (6 metres). SYH’s boatyard team is able to un-step and step masts up to 90ft (27.5 metres).


SYH offers a transportation and  logistics service with start-to-finish project management.  Whether you are transporting a vessel by road or sea, SYH has the experience needed to organise every step of the process.  SYH’s portfolio of logistics projects includes designing a purpose-built shipping container for a yacht going to Antigua and managing a Melges sent to Chile.

What can we lift & launch?

SYH regularly lifts and launches everything from RNLI lifeboats, long-keeled classic yachts, and newly-commissioned yachts and motorboats. Whilst the majority of lifting and launching is for 30- to 40-foot yachts and motor boats, SYH has many years’ experience dealing with larger, outsized or unusual vessels.

What does it cost?

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our full list of charges.  If you have a query or you are in need of a service not mentioned on the list, contact Aaron Woolf to discuss.



The Boat Building Diaries

The SYH workshop is a hive of activity, with projects ranging from small maintenance jobs to large scale refits on wooden and GRP yachts.

Read up on the most interesting case studies and pick up some tips and tricks via the SYH Boat Building Diaries.

Focus On: Stilleto 

Once described by Classic Boat magazine as “a fabulously elegant 33ft keelboat with low topsides, built by Whisstocks, with a design brief of ‘standing room for a bottle of Gordons’”, Stiletto is a stunning example of classic boat design and build.

A regular in the SYH workshops, Stiletto recently brought the team’s boat building skills to the fore.

SYH’s joiners built new cockpit benches, which are copies of the original seats, with modifications to improve stability and practicality.

Throughout each stage of Stiletto’s maintenance, we have stayed true to her original design whilst maximising her performance for racing.

In keeping with Stiletto’s design, the new seating was made out of straight grain teak and the legs were constructed using slightly thicker timber for extra stability and are designed to tuck away underneath the benches ensuring halyards and feet don’t get caught during her busy racing schedule.

…Read More
Joshua Major, Boatyard Services Director

Scale of Charges (all rates ex VAT)


Pontoon berth

Annual rate (1st April 2022- 31st March 2023) 

£339.00 per metre, including hardstanding

N.B. Boats with a beam in excess of 3.75m will be charged an extra 1m in length for every 0.25m over and above this.


Swinging mooring

For vessels between 6m – 12m from 1st April to 31st October 2022 (including hard standing, subject to Ts & Cs)

£140.00 per metre


Winter berthing

Pontoon berth from 1st November 2022 – 31st March 2023

£112.50 per metre, excluding hardstanding 

N.B. Boats with a beam in excess of 3.75m will be charged an extra 1m in length for every 0.25m over and above this.



From 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023

£1,982.00 per annum



Annual and visitors’ berths, where available, will be charged at the appropriate rate multiplied by 1.5.

Visitor berthing

Daily rate £2.58 per metre, per day.
Weekly rate £1.94 per metre, per day.
(7 consecutive days or more)
Monthly rate £1.46 per metre,  per day
(30 consecutive days or more)

N.B. Boats with a beam in excess of 3.75m will be charged an extra 1m in length for every 0.25m over and above this.



£18.20 per metre, per month
Vessels stored on the hardstanding for a period of more than 12  months may be subject to additional charges not covered by these or any subsequent scale of charges.


Laying Up/Launching

Lift vessel from water to hardstand or hardstand to water: £21.80 per metre

High pressure washing below the waterline: from £4.70 per metre

Survey lift (to include wash and relaunch):  £31.70 per metre


Cradle hire

£44.00 per month depending on availability

Blocking off motor cruisers, cradle leg hire: £11.00 per leg, per month


Mast stepping/lowering

£13.50 per metre

Ketch rig: 2nd mast at 75% cost of main mast.

A charge of £2.60 per metre will be made where towage is necessary.

The securing of rigging screws with split pins, seizing wire and tape will be carried out upon request at an additional charge: P.O.A


Summer “Quicklift”

Wash and relaunch, June – Sept:

  • LOA up to 9m: £104.16
  • 9 to 10.5m: £108.33
  • 10.5 to 12m: £112.50
  • Over 12m: P.O.A  
  • Towage included in the above rates

Use of scrubbing grid

Berth-holders:  £25.83 per tide
Visitors: £34.16 per tide



Small craft up to 2 tonnes:

One launch and recovery: £30.00

Season ticket launch and recovery (1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023): £180.00

Annual secure compound storage, including slipway season pass (1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023):  £1,250



Electricity is charged to berth holders, per unit plus a quarters facility charge.
Electricity charges to daily visiting boats is included in the berthing fee. Longer period visiting electricity charges will be charged as above.



The above prices are given as a guide and are subject to alteration without notice.

All berthing charges are payable in advance.  A discount of 5% will be allowed against a single payment in advance on an annual pontoon berth, a swinging mooring or winter berthing when paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer (excludes credit card payments).

Terms & conditions available from the berthing office.