Suffolk Yacht Harbour (SYH) has announced it has invested in a new pump out facility as part of its ongoing drive to improve facilities and help protect the environment. 

SYH Managing Director Jonathan Dyke commented, “The pump provides a valuable service for marina berth holders and local cruising yachts, and it helps protect the local marine environment; it’s a win win.”

With pump out facilities in place at SYH, there is no longer a need for yachts to empty holding tanks whilst out at sea in local waters.  The impacts of discharging raw sewage include public health risks, adverse effects to marine wildlife, and further water pollution if cleaning products enter open water.*

The new SYH pump out facility is located on the fuel berth in the marina and is already proving successful and easy to use.

Jonathan Dyke continued, “Several berth holders and visitors have been using the new pump out system and everyone has said how simple it is.  We strongly encourage people to use the new facility instead of emptying tanks out at sea.”

Boat owners wishing to use the pump out facility can call up the SYH team on VHF Channel 80 to request directions to the fuel berth.  Upon arrival, a token can be purchased from the berthing office, which gives five minutes’ pump out time (more than enough for a cruising yacht).  Users follow the simple, step-by-step instructions on the side of the machine, to empty the holding tank.

*Source: The Green Blue