Weather & tides

As the saying goes: “forewarned is forearmed”

SYH is accessible at all states of the tide, but it’s always advisable to check weather and tidal conditions before heading out on the water. Check out our handy real-time weather and tide resource to stay informed.

Tide Times for SYH

19 January 2022

Time Type Height
00:38 high 3.88m
06:24 low 0.49m
12:58 high 3.82m
18:31 low 0.73m

20 January 2022

Time Type Height
01:11 high 3.86m
07:01 low 0.45m
13:33 high 3.84m
19:04 low 0.73m

21 January 2022

Time Type Height
01:44 high 3.84m
07:37 low 0.42m
14:09 high 3.87m
19:36 low 0.72m

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Suffolk Yacht Harbour

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