As the spring season gets underway and the SYH site becomes a hive of pre-season activity, there are a few reminders and updates for marina users to be aware of.

Vacant berths: if you are a berth holder going cruising or leaving your berth vacant for an overnight or longer, please notify the berthing office? This can be done by popping into the berthing office in person, by phone, email, or text message (see below details). / 01473 659240 / VHF Channel 80 / Text: 07860 920 258

By letting the team know you are away, it ensures your berth is free for your return.  During the height of the season, visiting yachts have been known to take advantage of empty berths.  We do our best to limit this and if we know your travel plans, we can check your berth is free for your return.

Pump out facility: a reminder that SYH has a new pump out facility for berth holders and visiting yachts.  Boat owners wishing to use the pump out facility can call the SYH team on VHF Channel 80 to request directions to the fuel berth.  Upon arrival, a token can be purchased from the berthing office, which gives five minutes’ pump out time (more than enough for a cruising yacht).  Users follow the simple, step-by-step instructions on the side of the machine, to empty the holding tank.

Fuel prices: we are doing our best to offer competitive fuel prices in an increasingly challenging market.  We hold a large volume of stock diesel onsite, but this means we must follow the market price at the point of purchase. 

As a reminder, we stock FAME free diesel instead of bio fuel as FAME free diesel has less invasive storage characteristics than bio fuel.

Above: SYH’s pump out facility

Hoses: a reminder that industry best practice means SYH does not supply hoses on the pontoons for shared use.  Boat owners are advised to have the following:

  • An expandable hose for washing down (the ‘crinkly’ looking hoses)
  • A flat hose for filling up water tanks (these allow water to run out after use ensuring no build-up of stagnant water or bacteria)

All hoses must have ‘trigger ends’ or shut off valves.  As all SYH’s taps are drinking water at source, the shut off valves prevent non-drinking water flowing back up the hose if it drops into the marina.

SYH stocks the relevant hoses in the chandlery and staff will be able to advise on any queries.

Recycling and waste:  throughout the marina we have eight recycling and disposal areas allowing for responsible management of a variety of waste including paint and antifoul tins, paint brushes, plastic, cardboard, glass, batteries, and oil filters. 

Please only use SYH facilities for disposing of waste generated on or by your boat and not for household items.

Contact the team with any queries via or 01473 659465.