As the summer season gets underway and more people use the marina and its facilities, there are a few important updates to be aware of.

SYH has several hoses that provide fresh water on the pontoons throughout the marina.  To comply with industry-wide regulations, these hoses must be fitted with self-closing triggers. Please do not remove the triggers from the hoses, make sure you coil up a hose after use and check they are not submerged in the water. If triggers are removed and/or the hoses are left submerged, SYH’s ability to provide a pontoon water supply may become jeopardised.

SYH launches a large number of boats each year, with three Wise hoists in constant operation during the spring and autumn.  During the summer, the harbour is busy with staff, visitors, children and berth holders walking around the site.  Please drive slowly into and throughout the marina and be aware of hoists and people on the move.  SYH’s boat moving team will be as considerate as possible to vehicles wishing to pass, but there will be occasions when a hoist will need to be given priority. Please be patient and take care when driving around the site.

For those who have not read the latest issue of Harbour Light, winter dredging and pontoon maintenance took place throughout the winter (despite heavy gales!).  New pontoons have been installed at the east end of the harbour and in front of the main office building.