When a classic wooden yacht arrived at SYH for bow repairs following a collision, there was much discussion over what type
of boat she is. Her owner described her as a “variation on a counter sterned Twister”, yet she remained somewhat of an enigma. A search for a name plate revealed nothing, but a thumb through the Lloyd’s Register unearthed the details of a rare yachting find.

Built in Christchurch, in 1968 by Purbrook and Rossiter, 30ft Eulali was designed by Holman and Pye. She launched in Poole
with a Bermudan sloop rig, and there are unconfirmed reports online that she won the 1967 Lloyd’s prize.

Back to the present… Eulali came to the SYH workshops for a significant repair to her bow following a collision.

The ‘before’ shot: Eulali arrived at SYH with damage to her bow

SYH’s experienced wooden boat builder Robert Clarke has cut back the stem, four planks of decking, beamshelves and the apron, all of which are being repaired as per Lloyd’s Register Class +100A1. The project also involves carefully integrating new capping rail, bulwark, pulpit and re-sheathing the deck.

SYH’s boat builder Robert Clarke working to repair the damage

SYH boatyard services director Joshua Major commented, “The skill involved in this type of boat building shouldn’t be underestimated. The structural implications of getting something slightly wrong are serious, so everything has to be meticulously done. The sheerline for example has to be exactly perfect to restore the performance and structural integrity of the yacht.”

The repairs include carefully integrating new capping rail, bulwark, pulpit and re-sheathing the deck as per Lloyd’s Register Class +100A1

Whilst in the SYH workshops, Eulali will also have a full revarnish to her superstructure and topsides, as well as a deck repaint.

For more information on boat refits and repairs, please contact SYH boatyard services director, Joshua Major: joshua@syharbour.co.uk or 01473 659 465.