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Workshop extension under way

New workshop front

This winter will see a major extension and refurbishment of the SYH workshops providing 50% more workshop area, an enlarged and enhanced spray and coating workshop, and a dedicated woodworking machine shop.

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Yacht Fair October 2014

The weekend of 24-26 October saw the latest yacht fair – a longstanding successful event for SYH. Because of problems with wind earlier in the week, the workshops and all the hoists and cranes were in use over the weekend, giving visitors a great opportunity to see SYH operations in action.

Power to the people

After more than three years of work, all the electricity outlets and pontoon lights within Suffolk Yacht Harbour are now controlled by a single, ground-breaking, bespoke system called Unicorn.

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We'll help you to transport your boat

sarkMany people dream of taking their boat to another location – either for cruising, or to attend a regatta – but just don't have the time or the knowledge to arrange it all. We can help with anything from advising on a cruising ground to arranging mast transport and rigging or booking a delivery crew.

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Winter dredging and maintenance

The 2014-15 winter dredging and upgrade programme starts in mid-November and the focus this season will be on the entrance area, the southern end of the west harbour and the crane bay area.

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Three reminders

Book now for haul-out, send in your berth application and contact us to discuss any work needed on your boat this winter.

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