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January news


All-change in the chandlery

On Monday January 17 work will begin on a major reorganisation of the chandlery.

The whole area is to be refloored and then reorganised.


The mini-market is to move from the north east to the south west corner of the space, and the dividing wall will be removed, to create more space. Almost everything else will also be relocated.


Jonathan Dyke apologised in advance for the "upheaval," and appealed for berth-holders' understanding while work was in progress: the aim is to provide a much better service when the project is complete, he said.


Reading the meter

SYH is piloting a new scheme for measuring how much electricity is used by berth-holders, whether their boats are afloat or on the hard standing area.


"We are looking at future upgrades and improvements to the electrical supply system, and considering a new system on the market," explained Jonathan Dyke, managing director of SYH.


"Rather than meter signals being sent by the wire that supplies the power, they are sent by wi-fi link."


Other systems are also being tested and considered, but he is confident that once a new system is chosen and installed, the harbour will be able to provide a more efficient service to berth-holders and visitors.


Marquee offers new opportunities

A marquee has appeared alongside the Harbour Room, and is likely to remain a semi-permanent fixture for the summer, explained Jonathan Dyke, managing director of SYH.


"It was put up for a wedding reception in the Harbour Room, and will probably stay up through the summer period and will be available for various functions throughout the summer.


"It can be used for anything from beer and skittles for an Old Gaffers' event to a gala dinner."


Anybody interested in staging an event in the Harbour Room - and adjoining marquee - should contact Bob Gibbon for booking details.


Dredging under way


The annual winter dredging programme is well under way and now the crane barge has arrived at SYH for the replacement of the guide piles in the central part of the harbour (from the Lightship to the crane bay).


Many of the pontoons will not have to be moved for dredging this time, as a digger on the crane barge will be used to scoop out mud from under the pontoons - which will then be "hovered up" by the dredger.


The whole operation is due for completion by the middle of March, said Jonathan.