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New radar tops new building

Office Building April 2010Work on the new office building is continuing at an impressive rate, still right on schedule for autumn occupation. The new roofline is now clearly visible, and one of its features is a new radar scanner.

The Ipswich Port Authority’s scanner on top of the office building has been a familiar SYH landmark for some 30 years – but the new building boasts a brand new scanner.


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Security stepped up

A number of new security cameras have been installed around the site – including a second camera at the entrance. One of the two cameras concentrates on cars and the other one on number plates – a valuable reinforcement of existing security systems.

Appeal to dog owners

Many sailors’ dogs are essential members of the boat crew and well-behaved dogs are always welcome at SYH. But we do ask owners to be responsible.

Dogs running loose round the yard can be a danger to cars and to young children, and the dogs might themselves be in danger from moving heavy plant and so on. So please keep those sea dogs under control. And please tidy up after them!

To make that easier, we will shortly be installing a number of dog waste disposal bins throughout the hard standing areas. Please put them to good use.

More help at weekends

An additional staff member is to be on duty at weekends during the 2010 sailing season, to assist with serving fuel and to help the berthing master. This will also enable the introduction of a new slipway launching policy, and will help to reduce congestion in the slipway/fuel berth area.


New building takes shape

newoffice.jpgThe new office building continues to take shape, with the steelwork now revealing the outline of the second floor.

Another significant milestone is that the Chandlery front doors should be open again by Easter – although access may occasionally have to revert to the side or rear entrances for health and safety reasons during later stages of construction work.


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Dredging the channel

The dredger is currently at work in the entrance channel, the vital final phase of this year’s dredging. It should be complete very soon after Easter – ahead of schedule.