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Workshop blog September 2014

wild thyme - keelThe new 75-tonne Wise hoist has been coming into its own over the past few weeks.

Wild Thyme, a Moody 425, needed to have her keel removed, its top surface blasted to remove rust, and refitted with new keel studs. We’ve been able to hold her in the 60-tonne hoist while the work was done, without losing launch capacity. She’ll now have the new keel (pictured right) re-bedded – and she’s also getting a new engine, new sound insulation and extensive topside refurbishment.

Meanwhile the new hoist is hard at work lifting and launching vessels up to 25 metres long.

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Visitors head home after busy summer

The lovely summer has resulted in a busy season with visitors from all over northern Europe and beyond, and numbers up again on last year.

During the summer season we have welcomed lots of Dutch and Belgian visitors, and also boats from France, Denmark, the US and Canada.

We’ve been able to accommodate our visitors even more effectively than usual, and ensure your berth is clear when you return, thanks to the new berth-holders’ text service. Thank you to everyone who has used the service this year.

Don’t forget if you’re going to be away from your berth for a few days, or you want to let us know exactly when you will return, you can use this service. Just text 07860 920 258 to notify the berthing office of your departure date and estimated date of return, along with your boat name and berth number.

Keeping an eye on shore power

Power suppliesWe are completing conversion of the last few berths to the electric monitoring system. Once this is done, all berths and all hardstanding power supplies will be connected to the same system – more than 700 outlets in all.

The system empowers berth-holders to control their use of electricity. If you’re concerned about an electricity invoice, we can provide more detail if required.

First commercial customer for new hoist

Valhalla of Whitstable in the 75-tonne hoist

Our new 75-tonne Wise hoist saw her first commercial vessel today, Valhalla of Whitstable. The 15m aluminium catamaran has a beam of 6.2m and is currently in service as an offshore support vessel off Ramsgate.

Valhalla was down on speed due to marine growth and barnacles. Her speed had dropped from 22 knots cruising to 16 knots. We lifted her, pressure-washed off the growth, and re-launched, all within one and a half hours, and she is on her way back to Ramsgate.

Workshop blog June '14

 My Fair Lady
One of the biggest tasks this month has involved My Fair Lady, a Fairline Squadron 56 with two 1.5-tonne engines under her cabin sole. When one of those engines needed work, removing it was a major operation requiring the services of a special ex-MoD horizontal telescopic crane. The cruiser's main doors were removed and the cabin cleared to allow access for the crane. The engine is being refurbished by French Marine Motors and once work is complete will be refitted the same way.

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