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Chandlery News in March


Time to fit a holding tank?


Did you know that it is no longer permitted to discharge your marine toilet directly in Dutch inland waters? As in a number of other countries (similar restrictions already apply in the Baltic), the Dutch authorities are tightening the rules to tackle environmental pollution.


So what does this mean if you are planning a cruise in Holland this summer? To avoid the possibility of significant fines from breaking the new rules, you can either install a portable toilet, and face the chore of carrying it ashore for emptying, or you must install a holding tank, which can be pumped out in marinas, or emptied at sea.


With more and more countries expected to follow the example of the Netherlands, and yachtsmen too becoming ever more environmentally conscious, SYH Chandlery manager Richard Gadd expects holding tanks and associated fittings to be in ever-increasing demand.


"Surprisingly, no supplier is offering a complete package," he said, "So we are getting stocks in of all the components."


We are going to carry a range of tanks, diverter valves, odour-free hoses, charcoal vents, deck outlets, pumps - everything you need - from a range of suppliers.

"If people want advice on fitting equipment for DIY projects, Richard can guide them through it. Or we can prepare estimates to install holding tanks through the yard. Talk to us about what we can do!"


It's your Mini Market!

Following the relocation of the mini market within the chandlery, staff are keen to increase the range of goods available and make sure that it offers what berth-holders need and want.

Is there anything you would like to see on the shelves? Anything you have wanted in the past but couldn't get? Do you have any helpful suggestions about improving the range in general? Please speak to the chandlery staff and let them know what you would like to see there.

"We are keen to stock everything that would make your life easier when you come down to your boat."