Around the boatyard

June '09 in the workshop


Classic boats ready for SYH Regatta

It's all change in the workshops at SYH this month as a number of long-term projects have been completed and the boats which have had so many hours if skilled attention lavished on them by the team are back in the water and ready for the season's sailing.

The wooden yachts Gudgeon and Toccata are both going to be competing in the forthcoming Suffolk Yacht Harbour Classic Regatta (Saturday June 13th to Sunday June 14th) and then Gudgeon will be going on to take part in the British Classic Yacht Club regatta at Cowes.





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Get Ready for that cruise!

"People are ready for a good cruising season after the last couple of years!" said SYH Chandlery Manager Richard Gadd.


Many owners like to give their boat a good clean and polish before leaving for their main summer cruise, he added. There is a full range of cleaners and polishes in stock at the chandlery, and staff will be happy to advise on the most suitable products for any task, he added.


"We also have a full stock of Dutch charts and Almanacs." After two disappointing seasons, when a lot of people decided not to "go foreign" he is expecting much bigger demand for these publications this year!


April '09 in the workshop
















The Swan 48 Arion has emerged from the paint shop, resplendent in her new coat of white Awlgrip, complete with blue coveline, name and new waterline stripes, ready for antifouling.


Work continues to get her ready for forthcoming blue water adventures, with deck and sail handling alterations in conjunction with Rig Magic, and the installation of a generator and refit of the fore-cabin by the workshop team.

















The classic yacht Toccata has also emerged from the workshop, nearing the end of a major refit, which began in October. She is just waiting for completion of her new wooden mast, which is currently being "dressed".


















The mast is being fitted with new electrics, including such "untraditional" features as an active radar system and Lopolight LED navigation lights.


"She is ready for boot-top and antifouling, and will be launching towards the end of April".


March '09 in the workshop


Completed projects

Dafne, resplendent with new wooden spars and updated sail handling systems, is back in the water and ready for the season, the culmination of a project that began before Christmas.

Ninjod's preparation for the OSTAR is also complete. She is back in the water and ready to go.

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In the workshop, January '09


Full house!











The Swan 48 Arion is a tight fit inside the paint shop. It was something of a work of art getting her in there, once scaffolding was erected around her, there was very little room to spare!


She is in the workshop for a major refit, in preparation for blue water cruising. She is having a complete respray in Awlgrip Cloud White: topsides, cockpit, coaming and coach roof sides.


A generator is also being  fitted under the aft cabin bunk,her mainsheet system is being updated,and the fwd cabinis being converted to a double bunk configuration. 


Finishing touches  

The restoration of Toccata, an elegant Sparkman and Stevens designed Finisterre yawl from the 1950s, is well under way. The toerail has been replaced and now new genoa tracks are being fitted. They are being custom made in stainless steel by Mr. Stainless.

She is also being fitted with new timber spars and having a full repaint and varnish, along with internal refurbishment.

Work in progress


Last month we pictured the drastic measures being taken to "stop the rot" on the classic yacht Cayenne.

Her sheer strake (top plank), toe rail and margin plank (outside edge of the deck) had been removed so that preservative could be applied inside to ensure that all the decayed wood was removed.

Now she has a new mahogany sheer strake and teak margin plank, and her original teak toe rail has been "refurbished, refaired and refitted."

She has also been fitted with a new stern post, secured to the back of the keel with bronze bolts, and work on her rudder and stern post is continuing.


New look for Nicholson


Tapornini, a Nicholson 43 built in the 1970s, newly arrived as an SYH resident, is going into the workshop for seven coats of varnish on all external brightwork and some internal refurbishment, with work taking place on saloon bulkheads and headlinings, and some refurbishment of the cockpit, too.

"She is GRP. We don't only work on wooden boats!" pointed out SYH managing director Jonathan Dyke. He added that today's GRP production boats are well built, and often require no more than routine maintenance of the sort that a majority of owners tend to see to themselves, that it was inevitable that the workshop tended to specialise in "vintage" craft, whether wooden or GRP.

But he added that they were happy to quote for any project, large or small, on boats of any age or construction type.

More new wooden spars


Mick McCarthy works on new spars for the classic yacht Dafne (boom and gaff) and the beautifully restored mainmast of Toccata.





A flash of blue.....







This stunning picture of SYH's resident kingfisher was taken by Jenny Mummery. The location is the bushes by the crane bay. The kingfisher can often be seen fishing near the Lightship: it sometimes perches on the handrails of the gangway while on the lookout for prey, but usually all you see is a flash of blue as it moves into action.


The spectacular kingfisher is one of the many bird  species which make the harbour something of a magnet for birdwatchers. And on the wildlife front, a seal has also been seen recently hunting between the pontoons. Has anybody got a picture?

December 08 in the workshop















Andrew Dunnage works at work on the hull of Life, an Oyster 26 in the paint shop for a full WEST System Epoxy osmosis treatment.


"She has been through drying and we are now fairing the bottom," explained SYH managing director Jonathan Dyke.


"She will have a firther six coats of WEST System solvent-free epoxy resin, then primer and two coats of antifoul. Then it's restep the mast and just add water!"



















Westerly Oceandream Gemini Dream is ready for relaunch after being treated with Copper Bot, the copper-based underwater hull coating which claims to make annual antifouling unnecessary.


SYH managing director Jonathan Dyke said that in the early days of the product, Copper Bot did not prove very effective on the East Coast, but he believes that the product is now much improved.














Wooden spars have made something of a comeback to the SYH scene recently. The shiny new wooden spar for Myfanwy, mentioned in previous blogs, was recently pictured in the workshop at Rig Magic, being fitted out ready for stepping.


Meanwhile, in the SYH workshop Mick McCarthy is seen varnishing the original wooden boom and bowsprit of Gudgeon and new wooden spars for Toccata, two classic wooden yachts undergoing extensive restoration work.





















It looks alarming, but watch out for "after" pictures coming soon! Howard Snow is applying wood preservative to "stop the rot" on the classic yacht Cayenne.


Her sheer strake (top plank), toe rail and margin plant (edge of the deck) have been removed so that preservative can be applied inside to ensure that all the rot is removed.


"Basically, water had settled at the lowest part of the deck," explained SYH managing director Jonathan Dyke. "It had rotted the edge of the top plank." The planking is mahogany. The toe rail and margin are teak.


Once the wood preservative treatment is complete, the workshop team will face the challenge of restoring this beautiful yacht to her former glory.


























Steve Martin at work replacing the toerail on Toccata, a painstaking and time consuming finishing touch to the restoration of this elegant Sparkman and Stevens designed Finisterre yawl from the 1950s.

As well as being fitted with new timber spars she is also having a full repaint and varnish, and internal refurbishment.





Robert Clark (no relation to the yacht designer!) making alterations to the helm seat for the Swan 48 Arion. The GRP moulding has been cut and extended to allow a more comfortable steering position, and it is being re decked in teak. Watch out for more news of the continuing refit of Arion in next month's workshop blog!