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Renovation of classic yacht Cayenne

CayenneCurrently undergoing an extensive refit in the SYH workshop is Cayenne, a 43ft Robert Clark classic cutter built by James Miller in 1938.

Cayenne was given her name by her first owner, Dr Pepper, and her original construction was mahogany on oak frames with steel reinforcement. Having been on the Orwell and around the east coast in the 1960’s, Cayenne’s previous owner took her world cruising throughout the 1970s and 80s. After recent years of local sailing, Cayenne’s current owner has brought her back to SYH for significant renovation.

The team in the workshops at SYH are in the process of carefully removing and refitting much of the hull, decks, bulkheads and the cockpit. This impressive project includes removing the existing transom and taff rail, fitting newly laminated woodwork in their place, and replacing the solid oak horn timber. Plank repairs are extensive, with ten requiring complete replacements and others in need of substantial repair.

The team will be fitting new steamed timbers, laminated oak frames and floors as required, which they will locally refasten with bronze bolts and copper nails before they caulk and pay the plank seams.

Josh Major, SYH boatyard services manager, comments, “The new workshops at SYH have been designed to create the specific environment and ideal temperature for maintenance work on classic yachts. This is certainly a challenging project, but there is a huge sense of pride that comes with restoring a yacht like Cayenne to her former beauty.”

In addition to the hull, Cayenne’s cockpit structure, bulkheads and bearers also require complete replacements, with localised repairs needed on the teak decking aft of the cockpit. Finally, the rudder will be removed, repaired and rehung and the rudder tube fitting will be re-bedded.

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