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Workshop blog December 2015


 Our newly refurbished workshops are now absolutely full of work for the winter with at least 10 boats in the queue for Coppercoating. It’s not too late to contact us about getting work done, though…

1512 cayenne Cayenne is a Robert Clark 43 cutter built in 1943 of mahogany on oak frames. She’s having timbers replaced at the stern, starting with removal of the horn timber which runs from the sternpost to the transom, above the keel, which gives an unusual view looking up into the cockpit.
1512 fife Charm of Rhu, an international 8 metre cruiser/racer, is believed to be the last Fife ever made, launched in 1963 after 174 continuous years of boat production at the yard at Fairlie, Ayrshire. She has sailed to SYH from the Solent, thanks to the reputation of our workshop, for extensive revarnishing. All old varnish has been removed and she has been sanded down to sound timber. The new varnish is a full Epifanes system with four coats of PP Extra primer and five of topcoat, with denibbing (light sanding) between coats. The famous Chinese dragon logo will be restored with gold leaf.
1512 leadingwind

The Oyster 406 Leading Wind from 1989 is having a complete refurbishment of her teak decks, with all caulking removed and seams lowered to full depth, all screws removed, lowered and redowelled, loose planks rebedded, and a seams recaulked with Sika DC. She’s also being Coppercoated, new insulated pipes fitted for the Eberspächer heater, and French Marine is fitting a new 50hp four-cylinder Yanmar engine.

She will be followed into the workshop by her sister yacht, Boysterous – watch this site for more info.

1512 tofan Tofan IV is a Naiad 400 also in for Coppercoat and refurbishment of teak decks which are bing reprofiled. All her hatches and main windscreen are being removed, reglazed and refitted.
1512 masts

 The mast of Maida, an engineless international 6 metre, is one of two wooden masts suffering from stress cracking which have recently been in the workshop. One is having the lower 16 feet replaced and the other is having a 10ft replacement section scarfed into the middle.

1512 kalessin

Kalessin of Orwell, a 1988 Westerly Storm, has been sandblasted and local corrosion to the keel made good before priming and Coppercoating.