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Workshop blog September 2015

Carpe Diem deck detailIt’s still relatively calm in the workshops as we get ready for the autumn and winter rush – don’t forget to contact Joshua Major now if you’re thinking of having any work done.

Colvic keel Colvic interior
Reiver is a Colvic Countess 35, originally sold by Colvic as a hull for home completion and never launched. It was discovered that her bilge keels were not sufficiently reinforced for safe sailing. In conjunction with a local marine surveyor who has designed the essential changes required, SYH is undertaking major structural repairs to the bilge keel root and central bilge areas, which necessitates removal of all structural floors, grinding and preparing the hull, interior and exterior lamination, localised repairs to exterior cracking and significant application of epoxy resin and biaxial mat. As a result the hull centre sections and keel roots will be reinforced, and then bonding structural floors will be installed.
Carpe Diem cockpit Carpe Diem exterior Carpe Diem is a Moody 46 whose teak decks are being refurbished, and her cockpit sole – previously teak veneer – replaced with solid teak. Once this work is completed she will go to the sprayshop for a topsides Awlgrip respray in royal blue.