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Workshop blog June 2015

Two of the Morn - detail of bronze window framesthree boats currently in the workshops have to be complete in time for the SYH Classic Regatta on 20 June – a challenge to which the team is committed.

1506 Stiletto1 Stiletto
Work on Stiletto, a 1960s Kim Holman design for a one-off day racer, is almost complete. Her hull is painted and a racing finish applied below the waterline. New mahogany covering boards and a refurbished hatch are in place, plus a Griptex deck. She is also being fitted with Harken deck equipment, a new carbon fibre mast from Rig Magic, a racing sail wardrobe from One Sails and custom stainless steel deck equipment from Mr Stainless. The plan is for her to be launched on Tuesday 16 June, the mast to be stepped and rig installed on Wednesday, sea trials on Thursday, tweaks on Friday and she will be racing on Saturday!


Morn Morn, a 31ft wooden gentleman’s launch and mother ship to the engineless 6-metre Maida, is also almost complete. Her cabin side trunking has been rebuilt in mahogany and her windows with their toughened glass and bronze frames refurbished. The fuel tank has been moved, decks refurbished and Griptex applied, and she is due to be launched any day now. Morn's beautiful bronze window frames


Sunlight, a steel barge-yacht, has returned to the workshops for priming, repainting and interior works which will see her recommissioned after more than three years out of the water, and then heading for the river Deben. She will be painted snow white with a canary yellow cove line.

Tapornini Tapornini, a Nicholson 43, is again back in the yard for more work to be carried out after some long-leg sailing last year in which problems with the aged steering system were found. SYH has removed the steering boxes and drive columns, which are similar to those in lorry machinery, soda-blasted to strip them, then fitted new internal bearings and seals and sprayed in two-pack epoxy. The hydraulic engine drive system has had a similar overhaul, along with the teak duckboards in the cockpit.