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April ’13 in the workshop

SKIISKII: This new Dehler 41 has been in the paintshop for Coppercoat treatment below the waterline. Commissioning work has been carried out by the SYH team, with RigMagic working on the rigging and Onesails supplying the sail wardrobe.








 Ninjod under the tent                                                                                        

Ninjod: This Sunfast 3200 has been sprayed with Nautix A4 Tspeed hard racing antifoul for the ultimate smooth, fast, underwater finish. The work was carried out inside a tent. There is increasing demand from competitive racers for spraying antifoul.








QuintetQuintet: This centreboard sloop has suffered dramatic collision damage. The workshop is skilfully repairing her stem, planking and bulwarks, as well as fitting new grown oak frames and steamed timbers inside.








Sea DraakSea Draak: It was decided to restore the gelcoat of this Moody 376 rather than have it spray-painted. The original decals were removed and used as templates to have new ones made. Then all scratches and chips were filled and made good before polishing and buffing the hull back to ‘as new’ condition.