View from the cockpit

Full house

In spite of the economic situation, all the pontoon berths are let for the coming season. There are some new berth-holders, and also some familiar faces who have brought their boats back to Levington after a few years away long-distance cruising in warmer climes.

There are still some swinging moorings available, but it seems there is less enthusiasm for this traditional style of boating these days.

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Leading lights

Apologies to anyone who entered the harbour during the hours of darkness in the last couple of weeks and found the front leading light out of action. The good news is that it is now working again.

The lights, which have to meet Trinity House specification, and are inspected by Trinity House when they check the buoyage in the river, have to be built individually to order, which is why there was a small delay in its replacement.

Dredging continues

The dredger has been making up for lost time since restarting work after a complete refit. The area between E and F jetties has been completed, and the inner channel. Muddy Boots is currently working in the area between A and B jetties (where it sank last year!)

Then there is the area inside the pierheads to be tackled and the top end of the west harbour before the dredger moves on to the final phase of the annual campaign, the entrance channel. Work is on course to be completed soon after Easter.

Mr Stainless expands

The premises of Mr Stainless have been extended, as the ever-growing business has taken over the adjacent workshop previously occupied by Eastern Electronics. The extra space means that there is now a dedicated polishing section.

Lower diesel prices

The pump price of diesel at SYH is being held down  to help people topping up their tanks for the winter - while stocks last. Thanks to high bunkerage capacity, it has been possible to buy in large quantities at discounted prices, and it is expected that the current price will be held until March 31, 2012.

Slipway resurfaced

The back slipway, which was laid in 1969, suffered badly in last winter’s snow and ice and parts of it started to break up. Now it has been repaired in time for the laying up period, when it “takes a hammering” from the smaller travel hoist.


Surveyor moves in

Marine surveyor Adrian Overbury has moved into his new office next door to Rig Magic, the latest marine professional to make a base at SYH, adding to the range of expertise and services available on site to berth-holders.