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Chance in a million

RolexbyGuy lowresAs usual we are dredging part of the marina over the winter period – this time it’s around jetties G, H and I at the stern of the lightship. You never know what you might find when you’re dredging, but this year has thrown up one of our biggest surprises ever!

In June 2014, one of our berth-holders lost his beloved Rolex watch, given to him by his wife for his 50th birthday, when he tripped and fell into the marina. We even helped him arrange for a diver to look for it, sadly without success.

Last weekend another client was looking around the outfall where we pump dredgings on to the salt marshes.... and spotted the watch! It's battered but still seems to be functioning and has now been returned to its delighted owner. Best of all, the model is a Sea Dweller...

Dredging in the marina is due to complete by mid-February and we’ll move on to dredging the entrance channel with the aim of completing before Easter. At the same time we will completely refurbish jetty H and the part of jetty G which was not done last year.