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Slow start to the season

One of the most severe winters of recent years has disrupted the launching schedule. Many owners who had booked early launch dates had to postpone going in the water because they had been unable to complete fitting out and antifouling in time.

This has led to knock on delays, despite the boat moving crew working overtime each day and for some parts of the weekends – as much as it has been safe for them to do.

"We have done everything we can to mitigate the effects of the weather," said SYH managing director Jonathan Dyke.

"We have switched staff within the business to run both boat hoists as and where possible. We have done our very best against tide, time, wind and safety considerations to try and minimise delays in launching and commissioning."

The emphasis has had to be on getting boats afloat as quickly as possible, rather than moving boats which have been in the "wrong" berths over the winter, displaced while pontoons were refurbished and dredging continued, he added.

As a result, some boats have been unable to return to their own berths immediately.

"The emphasis has been getting people into a berth rather than the berth," said Jonathan. "We apologise, but this has allowed us to get your neighbour afloat, even if he isn’t yet beside you!"

He urged anybody whose berth was "blocked" to contact the office for help and every effort would be made to get all boats back into their own berths as soon as possible.