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Footpath diversion

FootpathThe walk along the river bank from SYH to Levington Creek, round the edge of the nature reserve, is extremely popular, both with those heading for the Ship Inn and keen birdwatchers. There has been an unofficial shortcut, across the meadow, avoiding a section of river wall, but work to improve the habitat for wading birds and other waterfowl mean this route has now been cut off. Please follow the signposts and take the official route behind the trees and then along the river wall.


The obstruction has been caused by the construction of two earth bunds. The work has been carried out in consultation with Suffolk Wildlife Trust, RSPB and Suffolk Coast and Heaths. The aim is to create swales – low patches that will fill with water, which will remain wet throughout the year, not drying out in summer as has been the case – to attract even more birdlife to the nature reserve.