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Full house

In spite of the economic situation, all the pontoon berths are let for the coming season. There are some new berth-holders, and also some familiar faces who have brought their boats back to Levington after a few years away long-distance cruising in warmer climes.

There are still some swinging moorings available, but it seems there is less enthusiasm for this traditional style of boating these days.

"People’s time in short and boats have more facilities, which demand plugging in!" said SYH managing director Jonathan Dyke.

"But sometimes boats are too big to fit on to pontoon berths, and there are people who genuinely prefer swinging moorings, rather than being boxed in between neighbours."

It seems that, as fuel prices continue to rise, there is also a trend for more East Coast cruising.

"People are just using their boats locally. That is why we have got 100 per cent occupancy. People have gone back to core usage of their boats," said Jonathan.