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Workshop construction going well

The extension and refurbishment of the SYH workshops is all on schedule. The old lean-to structure has been removed and the bank behind it has been excavated and reprofiled to make space for the new extension, with a retaining wall at the base of the slope. Steel uprights are in place and the concrete base slab has just been poured - photo shows the site before and after.

Workshop extension before and after concrete base

Pouring of the concrete will make a big difference to the amount of mud on site. The contractors have done their best to keep the site clean but at this time of year some mud is just inevitable.

Work has included removing some trees from the bank, but the reprofiled slope will be replanted. The extension should be complete by mid-February and then work will begin on recladding and refurbishment of the original workshop, with all work due to finish by the end of May.