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Workshop extension under way

New workshop front

This winter will see a major extension and refurbishment of the SYH workshops providing 50% more workshop area, an enlarged and enhanced spray and coating workshop, and a dedicated woodworking machine shop.

1411 new workshop westThe extra workshop area is the equivalent of four 40ft boats under repair.

The workshop will have taller doors at the west end to allow larger boats access. At the east end there will be an additional first floor area. The whole building will have new horizontal cladding which will improve the appearance but will also make it more efficient in use of power. Extra windows will reduce the need for artificial light.

Work starts in mid-November with demolition of the old structure at the rear and construction of the workshop extension.

The second phase, staring in February, sees the refurbishment of the existing workshop with the improved cladding and enhancements to electricity, lighting, compressed air systems, heating and extraction.

The third and final phase, completing at the end of May, will extend the spray and paint workshop with movable "curtain walling" to allow for larger boats, and up to twice the space of the existing paint workshop.

"This is the biggest enhancement to the workshop for many years," said SYH managing director Jonathan Dyke. "The new larger building will allow us to work on more boats, but it will also look better, be more environmentally friendly and a more efficient facility to carry out repairs.

"We're completing all these enhancements while continuing to work on all the boats in the workshop – our capacity won't be affected at any point."