Red and White diesel

We are continuing to monitor the marine industry’s response to the latest statements from HMRC on the use of red diesel in leisure craft. Those who stay within UK waters are able to carry on as before, filling their tanks with red diesel and claiming a reduced rate of duty on diesel used for "domestic" (heating and generation) purposes.

However, those who wish to take their boats abroad may find that they are breaking the laws of other European member states, where leisure craft are required to have "white" (unmarked) diesel in their tanks, to show that full duty has been paid.

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Pontoon upgrade complete

The renewal of pontoon F is complete and boats are back in their berths, moored to the new fingers. The electrical system has been upgraded, too.

In about a month work will start on production of fingers and decks in preparation for next year’s phase of this rolling infrastructure improvement project.

Meanwhile the dredging campaign is almost finished. Muddy Boots is currently working in the entrance channel and operations are expected to be complete by the end of the month.

Infrastructure improvements

F jetty taking shape

The completely refurbished jetty F is taking shape, being pieced together back on the water, with the framework regalvanised and the walkway and fingers redecked with hardwood. New cleats, corner fenders and floats create a completely new look.

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Diesel conundrum

SYH is very much aware of the confusion caused by recent Government statements about the legality of red diesel in yacht tanks beyond British territorial waters and is continuing to monitor the situation.

“We are liaising closely with our trade organisations, the British Marine Federation and the Yacht Harbours Association and we are working jointly with the RYA,” said SYH managing director Jonathan Dyke.

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Guide piles reinforced

The guide piles on jetties I, J and K are due to be replaced during February. A large barge and tug will be carrying out this work. The tops of the existing piles will be removed and new larger piles will be sleeved over the existing piles and driven down to solid ground. New pile caps will then be fitted.


Pontoon refurbishment

Open water where F jetty should beThe whole of F jetty has been removed, clearing the way for dredging and providing the opportunity for a complete rebuild.

The steel framework of the main deck is in good condition, and having been completely stripped of old timber has been sent away to be shot-blasted and regalvanised.

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