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Brighter and better

Old and new workshop areas, new gangway and fuel berth

Refurbishment work continues on the SYH workshops, with the new roof and cladding being added to the existing building to create a much lighter building on the inside, with construction due to complete on schedule at the beginning of June. Meanwhile out in the marina, work on the fuel bay, crane bay, west harbour ramp and jetty E is now completed.

Partly refurbished workshop

Old cladding has been removed from the outside of the existing workshops and new cladding is under way. The building will not only look better from the outside but is dramatically lighter, with a more spacious feel, on the inside.

Currently only half of the existing workshop, plus the spray bay, is in use, but with good weather in April, work has been able to continue on yachts both inside and outside the buildings. The new extension will be available for use within the next two to three weeks and there will be a further move-around of boats under repair so that the remaining section of the old workshop can be refurbished.

By June all construction work should be complete and the focus will shift to installing heating, extraction and ventilation systems in the workshops and spray bay, and woodworking machines in the joinery workshop.

Refurbished fuel bay

Refurbishment work around the marina has included the fuel bay, above, and new gangway in the west harbour. Work on the crane bay and jetty E is also complete, with the last few boats being moved back into place last week. All winter dredging is finished too – if you’re interested in how the dredging works, why not take a look at the video of SYH on Countryfile, which focused on how dredging can benefit the surrounding environment?