Wireless internet access

WiFi reception is available across SYH with a dedicated network for for marina users.

Access tickets cost £1 for a day, £5 for a week or £10 for a month. You can access the SYH website without a ticket. All further internet access requires the purchase of a ticket, or purchase of credit on line.

The wireless hotspot is owned and managed directly by SYH for maximum control. The marina is almost 8km from the main BT exchange, and this is reflected in the hotspot access speeds which are fast enough for most purposes such as checking emails, but not as fast as most broadband access in major towns and cities.


Wireless reception across the marina is generally good at deck level, and can be found with a standard WiFi adapter on your laptop.

You may find that signal levels within the cabin or close to the waterline may be inadequate using the built-in wireless receiver of some laptops, and if so you're recommended to use a wireless receiver with an external aerial, or a USB wireless adapter on a flying lead which can be placed on the cabin roof to improve reception.

How to buy a ticket

SYH has a policy of controlling access to the hotspots for security reasons, and to ensure that bandwidth is not hijacked by people outside the marina.

Berth holders and visitors can purchase access tickets either from the chandlery or online from the marina using a Paypal account or credit card.

Tickets give a user name and password and entitle the user to unlimited use during the period purchased (within the terms of our acceptable use policy).

Logging in

To log in, ensure that your wireless connection is switched on and that it is set to obtain an IP address automatically. When you open your web browser, such as Internet Explorer, you will initially be redirected to the SYH login page.

When you enter the username and password from your ticket, you will gain access to the Internet, and it should not be necessary to re-enter your username and password until the ticket expires, providing you have cookies enabled. 


if you are having difficulties accessing the wireless hotspot, please check the following:

1. Ensure that you have a WiFi card or built-in wireless receiver in your laptop and that it is switched on

2. Check that you are receiving a signal

3. If you are not receiving a signal try moving the laptop to a higher or different position on the boat, or consider obtaining an external adapter or aerial

4. Check that your wireless card is set to obtain an IP address automatically

5. Check that you have entered your username and password correctly

6. Make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser

7. Reboot your laptop and try the above tests again

8. If all above fail please contact the main office to see if we can provide further assistance