Recycling at SYH


Recycling and compactor

Recycling is a key part of handling waste at Suffolk Yacht Harbour, and we ask all berth-holders and visitors to help us by putting rubbish in the right places. We try to send as little waste as possible to landfill.

Around the site, at the head of access ramps, are waste disposal compounds.  These hold separate, commercial-type roll-top bins, one for general boat/household waste, and others for recycling tin, aluminium, plastic, cardboard, paper and glass. In addition, there are locations where you can dispose of more hazardous waste such as batteries, paint tins, used oil and filters, contaminated rags etc. So please place all waste in the appropriate containers.  

As well as the separate bins, compartmentalised bags are available to berth-holders. These can be kept on the boat, to make it easier to sort the waste on board, so that when they go ashore it is simply a matter of putting it in the right bins.

Non-recyclable material is dealt with on site, using a compactor, which is emptied every six weeks or so.

In 2009, when we introduced the current system, waste disposal was the biggest single rising cost faced by the harbour. As well as improving the amenity of the harbour, and being more environmentally friendly, the recycling system has reduced the need to pass on rising costs in increased berthing fees.