Trailer-sailing or self launching?


Dry-sailing - the way to go?

Our tailored dry-sailing packages could provide a low cost answer to your marina sailing.  We can offer you a cheaper alternative to keeping her on a fully floating berth. By keeping your boat ashore all the time she's not in use and having us launch and recover with our hoist only when you actually want to go sailing, you could probably cut your annual costs in half. Just let us know your planned number of sailing days or weekends and we'll work out a tailored, dry-sailing programme that could save you money.


The opportunity to "dry-sail" small motorboats, RIBs and trailer-sailers by keeping them on Versadocks (pictured above) within the harbour has proved very appealing.

Keeping a boat on a Versadock keeps the hull clean – you don't need antifouling - and saves the hassle of launching and recovery. The cost is comparable to normal pontoon berthing arrangements.


...or self launching? 

 The Suffolk Yacht Harbour slipway (pictured above) is next to the fuel berth between the west and main basins. It is available during opening hours for people happy to use their own vehicles and trailers to launch. Parking for vehicles and trailers is available close by.

Contact the marina office or chandlery before using the slipway to find out more and pay the fee.

  • Individual launch and recovery £26.00
  • Annual pass (April to March)    £205.00