Scale of charges

A full list of our current fees is available - please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

 These are our current prices (2019-20). All prices are shown exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the appropriate rate.


Pontoon berth

Annual rate (1st April 2019- 31st March 2020)

£315.00 per metre - including hardstanding


Visitors' berthing

Daily rate £2.40 per metre

Weekly rate £1.75 per metre per day (7 consecutive days or more)

Monthly rate £1.30 per metre per day (30 consecutive days or more)

NB Boats with a beam in excess of 3.75 m will be charged an
extra 1m in length for every 0.25m over and above this.



Swinging mooring

Annual rate (1st April 2019 - 31st October 2019)

For boats between 6m and 12m loa - (includes hardstanding)

£130.00 per metre



Electricity is charged to berth holders, per unit plus a quarters facility charge.

Electricity charges to daily visiting boats is included in the berthing fee. Longer period visiting electricity charges will be charged as above.


Winter berthing

Winter rate (1st November 2019 - 31st March 2020)

Pontoon berth excluding hardstanding

£104.60 per metre



£16.90 per metre per month

Vessels stored on hardstanding for a period of more than 12
months may be subject to additional charges not covered by these or any subsequent scale of charges




Annual rate (1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020)

£1,750.00 per annum


Cradle hire

£40.90 per month depending on availability

Blocking off motor cruisers, cradle leg hire

£10.25 per leg per month



Annual and visitors' berths, where available, will be charged at the appropriate rate multiplied by 1.5



Laying Up/Launching

Lift vessel from water to hardstand or hardstand to water

£20.25 per metre

High pressure washing below the waterline

from £3.90 per metre

Survey lift (to include wash and relaunch) £24.15 per metre



Summer "Quicklift" wash and relaunch, June - Sept, towage included:

LOA up to 9m £94.17

9 to 10.5m £98.33

10.5 to 12m £102.50

Over 12m £POA


Mast stepping/lowering

£12.60 per metre

Ketch rig: second mast at 75% cost of main mast

A charge of £2.42 per metre will be made where towage is necessary

The securing of rigging screws with split pins, seizing wire and
tape will be carried out upon request at an additional charge. £POA



Small craft up to 2 tonnes

One launch and recovery £25.00

Season ticket launch and recovery £175.00


Use of scrubbing grid

Berth-holders £23.33 per tide

Visitors £30.00 per tide




 The above prices are given as a guide and are subject to alteration without notice.