How to use electricity control cards

All berth-holders can request a Unicorn electricity control card from the harbour office. The card allows you to switch on and off your power at your allocated socket so that you only pay for power that you use. One card can be used per socket.

To use your card, go to the black Unicorn display nearest to your socket.

  • Present the card to the reader and the display should give you the current meter reading and the state of the account switch (on or off).
  • Present the card a second time and you can turn the switch on or off. This gives you control over your own supply.
  • If you will be away from your berth for a while, either turn off the switch or ask the harbour office to do so. If the socket is left live you may have to pay for power used by visitors.

Once you have a card it can be transferred to another socket (for instance the hard standing) as the boat moves. The harbourmaster is still able to manually switch power to a socket on request.

Note: When electricity is turned on for a visitor the system can automatically switch it off again on the day they leave, usually around 2pm. So a berth-holder may return in the morning after a visitor has left and find the socket live, only to find it going off later in the day. Re-presenting the card to the reader will switch to the berth-holder's account.


Here's the process step by step, in pictures:

Step 1

1. Throughout the marina, the tall electricity posts all now have sealed card readers. Once you've been allocated your card present it to your nearest pillar/reader


Step 2

2. The display will show this message before the card is presented

Step 3

3. After presenting the card, the system will search for your account details

Step 4

4. Once found, the unit will display your electricity location (your berth number or hard stand socket), the current status ('ON' or 'OFF'), the supply limit and your current meter reading

Step 5

5. After a short period of time you will be prompted to present your card again to change the supply status (in this case from 'OFF' to 'ON') after which the display will then show your supply as 'ON'.
Since the system toggles between on and off, to turn your supply from 'ON' to 'OFF' simply follow the same process