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Lifting & hardstanding fees

All of our charges for lifting, laying up and hardstanding are based on overall length including overhangs. Prices exclude VAT.

You can find a full list of all our charges here.

Launching/laying up

  • Lift vessel from water to hardstand or hardstand to water - £18.95 per metre
  • High pressure water-jetting below waterline - £3.65 per metre
  • Hardstanding £3.65 metre per week

Blocking off motor cruisers,leg hire

  • £9.59 per leg per month

Mast stepping/lowering

  • £11.80 per metre

Ketch rig - second mast at 75% cost of main mast

Use of Scrubbing Grid

  • Berth holders - £21.67 per tide
  • Visitors - £27.50 per tide

Self launching (small craft up to 6m)

Rates displayed in Chandlery and Berthing Office


The above prices are given as a guide and are subject to alteration without notice