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Cranage & Lifting

Suffolk Yacht Harbour has a selection of boat hoists and cranes available to give us the capability to lift vessels up to 75 tonnes with 80ft overall (25 metres) length and beam of up to 22ft (6.7 metres). We are able to un-step and step masts up to 90ft (27.5 metres), for the inspection or maintenance of rigging.

Our 75-tonne hoist, commissioned in 2014, is the biggest on the coast between Bridlington and the Solent and can be used for offshore support vessels and other commercial craft as well as yachts and motorboats. During busy times we use our custom made 15, 60 and 75 tonne Wise hoists, and both cranes, to keep up a constant flow of work.

We are regularly entrusted to lift and launch lifeboats for the RNLI for their maintenance work, 8m classics and newly-commissioned Jeanneau yachts and Bavaria motorboats for Clarke and Carter. As well as the vast majority of our work of 30- to 40-foot yachts and motor boats, we are just as happy dealing with larger, outsized or unusual vessels.

We lift out and re-launch approximately 450 vessels each winter for annual maintenance and have at our disposal a dedicated and experienced crew with a variety of plant and equipment to make maximum use of time and hard standing space.

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