Haven Ports Yacht Club


The famous landmark 'lightship' is the base for one of the friendliest, best-run clubs on the East Coast. Great food and open all week.

Although it operates independently, HPYC grew up with Suffolk Yacht Harbour and the two remain closely related. The harbour was the vision and creation of Michael Spear, its chairman (and  president of HPYC). In 1975 SYH acquired the lightship LV87, retired from duty on the Mid-Barrow and Cromer stations, to become the clubhouse for the newly-formed HPYC. The lightship has been constantly adapted and improved, both by the voluntary efforts of enthusiastic members and immense support contributed by SYH, to make it the comfortable clubhouse that we now enjoy, with full bar and catering facilities and accommodation for large functions for both members and visiting clubs.

Facilities and amenities

The club is open throughout the year, apart from a brief closure for maintenance in January. In summer it is open every day, lunchtime and evening. In winter opening hours are reduced to lunchtimes from Tuesday to Sunday and Friday and Saturday evenings. Cooked food is available when the bar is open, with emphasis on fresh and local produce. The club offers everything from fine dining to wholesome refuelling for hungry crew at reasonable cost.
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T 01473 659658
W www.hpyc.com
Lightship bar